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Before having my three wonderful children I traveled the world and had adventures.  During this season of my life, my interests are closer to home.  My family gets a large portion of our food delivered from our local farm.  Since we get so many interesting and exciting fruits and vegetables from the farm each week I am always trying new recipes and techniques.  

My recipes generally focus on using fresh, local, whole foods.  Most of my recipes are fairly healthy, but I also like to experiment with desserts from scratch too.  I am also interested in crafting not just recipes, but meals, so I like to include serving suggestions with my recipes.  I also often plan meals for family with mixed dietary restrictions and preferences, so I like to document how to make meals that work well for everyone.  

My friends tease me about how healthy my children eat (most of the time).  I think that is in part because I focus on making fresh whole ingredients delicious.  Not that every recipe I try is a winner for every kid, but I think it is important to try (and least most of the time).  

I am also passionate about making adventures for me and my family close to home.  We have done everything from digging for dinosaur bones to going sailing, and I look forward to doing more.

I hope you enjoy exploring with me.  



Nigh: /nī/ near

Abode: /əˈbōd/ home

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