Tomato, kale and white bean soup

Tomato, kale, and white bean soup with swiss grilled cheese

I am trying to add more veggie and bean based meals to our meal rotation.  This tomato, kale, and bean soup I adapted from this New York Time’s recipe really hit the spot.  It was fairly quick and easy and I had most of the ingredients on hand.  I think it was a great way to use the kale my husband brought home since I wasn’t in the mood for kale chips.

Since the soup is light, I made a Swiss grilled cheese sandwich to eat with it to round out the meal.  I made American and provolone grilled cheese for the kids because they don’t like the strong flavor of Swiss cheese.  The cheese was freshly sliced from the deli, which made it really easy.  I used real butter on the bread and a low temperature to get the golden brown color and for the rich flavor.

I am really happy with how this came out and the directions were really spot on.  The potatoes were tender, and nothing was over cooked.  I adapted the recipe to use what I had on hand since I didn’t want to drag the kids to the store.  I omitted the celery since I didn’t have any, and used some leftover baby carrots rather than a regular carrot.  I also used fresh chives from my garden to replace 1/2 of the onion (because I was out of onions).  I used 4 cloves of garlic because my family loves it.  I also added some extra fresh herbs from my garden.  I used cannellini beans as the white bean.

As the original recipe said, the soup was even better as lunch leftovers the next day.

The aromatics cooking in the pan


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